I’m back!!! & before I start..

15 09 2011

Some of you may be wondering if I fell off the face of the Earth!  No, I’ve just taken an unofficial ‘summer break’ from blogging.  This wasn’t planned…it came about when my oldest sister Lupe opened up her store Little Birdy Lane, as you can see from my last post I was there for the grand opening selling what is now Jazzie & Sophie Designs]! Well to make a long story short, one of my sisters Dannell became pregnant, and I had to fill in her spot working at Little Birdy Lane as a Store Manager for my oldest sister Lupe and pregnant sister Dannell! Confusing? Well I ended up working 6 days a week and enjoying every minuet of it! After a couple weeks I did end up moving to Washington! My boyfriend Jamie and I took a 4 day road trip up there, all was well except for a little car trouble right before we hit Seattle, WA.

Anyways! My goal today was to blog, and here I am! The reason being is that today, September 14th 2011 Sophia Dannet Rositter was born! What a miracle it was.. My sister had a pre-labor right before leaving California to Washington, luckily they were able to stop her pre-labor, and I went off to Washington, stayed for about a week and flew back down to LA and I’ve been staying at my mom’s house for about a month and a half now. Since the pre-labor occurred, I assumed that baby Sophia would come before her due date and I booked my flight on the only day my mom was available  to drive me to LAX, well.. DON’T ASSUME! As the day came closer, I freaked out! I knew I couldn’t cancel my trip, rescheduling would have cost me a new airline ticket practically so after talking to my family more and more about it we figured that I would just have to leave and meet my new baby niece when I come visit in December.

However, full of energy last night I did not get to bed until midnight, for once my boyfriend had to call me to say goodnight instead of me always getting so tired and having to get up early for work, I was ready to sleep in and do more packing to fly back to washington that late afternoon. Instead my body had a different plan, I woke up wide awake around 5, around the time my parents leave for work, and I normally hear them while I’m half awake and groggy, but this time I was staring at the ceiling in my room. I didn’t know why I was awake, I don’t even remember sleeping, it literally felt like I closed my eyes for maybe 30 minuets, and then I get a text from my sister asking me, “Are you awake?”, and I responded  “Sadly yes..” I never questioned it, didn’t really think about it until I got her next text saying “I think I’m in labor..”

Sophia Dannett was born today at 11:41am, 8lbs 7oz and 20.5″ long. It was seriously a miracle, like she wanted to meet me before I left. After, I made a decision to stay in California for another week!




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