Shout Out To Dulce Candy

31 05 2011

Hey guys! So I wanted to make a quick video shout out to She is amazing! Go check out her videos!!

So today’s out fit is a adorable forever 21 flower babydoll tank top, with this adorable black polyester jacket from forever 21 as well, and I followed my hair by a tutorial that I saw on Dulce’s youtube 🙂



22 03 2011


Mmm! Yesterdays adventure turned out amazing even though it was raining practically all day. First it started out by almost getting hit by a car at the trader joe’s parking lot. Grabbing all the fruit we can get, not to mention that I ate expired mango slices 😦 gross! well as we rushed back to the car, we had struggles with a huge puddle of water, and yes it was still pouring outside so that didn’t help at all! When we finally got home, we unbagged everything, and then we realized we forgot the pineapple! So we had to get back into the car and stop at the closes grocery store, sadly it was Ralphs. We finally arrived back home, waiting until the kitchen was available to mess up. Red wine, pineapple, strawberries, apples, mango, and sparkling water. first time I’ve tried a Sangria, definitely not the last!

The newest member of my family

10 09 2010

5 weeks and curious

Okay so lets just say that I have been trying so hard to get my boyfriend to approve the one thing that i would love to have. Not only the boyfriend but my boyfriends mother! By making excuses why I should have a kitten took many attempts, but after trying for so long , I actually got my boyfriend to want one as well. We originally wanted a black bombay just like my cat from home. I searched for days and I came upon a AD in the classifieds and saw Bengal Mix kittens for sale. As I quickly searched on Google for a bengal mix kitten image, I couldn’t say no. I called the guy and he had a black kitten with a small white patch on her stomach. The boyfriend took me on September 10th, up to Ojai to a small house farm that had many birds and a handful of dogs along with a Cat and her kittens.


She has big ears :

As I first entered, I realize that it smelt like dog food and was very cluttered. Then this man showed me this baby girl. Very frightened, small, and adorable. As he shows me her white patch on her tummy. As he lectures my boyfriend and I about taking care of her and giving her a good home he finally put her in my pet taxi and we drove home to show this girl her new home. Meet my newest member of the family, Luna Crawford. My mother picked out the name :]